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Thoughtfully Crafted.

Timeless Quality.

Uniquely Yours.

Elevate Every Space With
Custom Cabinets and Handcrafted Furniture.


From Hardwood To Heirloom

We don’t just build wood products, we create timeless pieces inspired by the forever beauty of nature.


Using only the finest solid hardwoods available, we design and handcraft custom cabinets, one-of-a-kind furniture, and distinctive creations whose appeal and durability will last for generations. 

only solid hardwood materials go into our handcrafted creations
only solid hardwood materials go into our handcrafted creations
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What We Can Create For You


Custom Cabinetry

Our custom cabinets span from hand-crafted kitchen designs to custom vanities and entertainment centers carefully tailored to resonate with your home or business environment.

DR Bathcab.jpeg
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Inspired, Distinctive Furniture

Make your living or office space a testament to enduring beauty with custom-crafted furniture, designed to stand the test of time and become a cherished heirloom for generations.

Maria's cabinet 1.jpg

Customized Wood-Inlay Creations

Using lasers, CNC, and 3D modeling we'll elevate the beauty and sophistication of your project. Wood inlays involve carving a recess into the wooden base, infusing it with fresh material, and expertly finishing the surface to achieve a perfectly smooth and beautiful final product.


Unique Built-In Projects

From birch acoustic diffusers built and installed for a professional sound studio in Loveland, to a historic display cabinet reproduction for a local salon: We'll put our passion and expertise into your project and ensure it's exactly the way you envisioned it.  


Stop Dreaming and Start Building.

My name is Nick Bourquein and I operate Laconia Woodworks.  Since 2008, my passion has been building unique cabinets and hand-crafted furniture all over the Greater Cincinnati and Tri-State Region. I've even designed and built a 17' sea kayak.  


I look forward to learning about your project and collaborating with you to ensure that the vision you have for your custom piece becomes a reality. 

Fill out the below form and let me know a little bit about what you are looking for, and I will get back to you to discuss your idea and start planning the design!

Thanks for submitting!

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